2014 Articles and Presentations

February 14, 2014 Workshop Presentation
TFT Pneumatics – Non-Sparking Surface Preparation
Hector Maggi – VP Marketing & Sales
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May 15, 2014 Workshop Presentation
Bureau of Safety and Environmental Enforcement
Angie Gobert – Chief of the Pipeline Section GoM OCS region
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September 11, 2014
4th Annual Conference & Exhibition

Keynote Address:
Collaborative Research to Ensure Safer Pipeline Systems

Cliff Johnson – President, PRCI
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History of Composite Repairs in the Pipeline Industry
Dr. Chris Alexander, PE, Principal
Stress Engineering Services, Inc.
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Composite Repair Qualification and Selection for On-Stream Repairs to Critical Equipment
Eric Ellis – Asset Integrity Advisor
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Operators Perspectives of Composite Repair Systems for Energy Pipelines
Sergio Limon
Limon Pipeline Analytics
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Composite Repair Compliance Review Program
David M. Wilson, CRUG Board Member
Phillips 66 Pipeline LLC
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PHMSA Regulatory Perspective
Max Kieba
Office of Pipeline Safety, Engineering and Research Division
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The Use of ILI in Dent Assessments
Rhett Dotson, PE
Stress Engineering Services, Inc.
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Thermal Considerations of Composite Repairs
Casey Whalen
Milliken / PipeWrap
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RTD INCOTEST (Insulated Component Testing)
Bill Schmidt, Project Supervisor
Applus RTD
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December 10, 2014 Workshop Presentation
ROSEN USA, Houston, TX
Bryce Brown, General Manager of Products & Services
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