2015 Articles and Presentations

September 25, 2015 
5th Annual Conference & Exhibition

Advances in the Composite Industry

Dr. Chris Alexander, P.E., Principal
Stress Engineering Services, Inc.
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CRUG Compliance Review Program
Dave Wilson
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Case Study on Reinforcement of Seam Anomalies Using Composite Materials
Tony Rizk, P.E.
Boardwalk Pipeline Partners
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Thinking Outside the Pipe: Using Composite for Infrastructure Repair
Gregg Blaszak, P. E.
Milliken Infrastructure Solutions, LLC
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Aging Gracefully with Composite Technology
Dr. Paul Hill, CEng
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Chemical Welding
Larry Johns
LORD Corporation
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Composite Linepipe Technology
Dane Broussard, President, Composite Production Systems
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High Pressure Internal Remediation
Garry Littlestar, CEO & President
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